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Help the fox-cub Finc to traverse the desert and find his way home! Jump as high as you can and balance Finc to keep him from falling back! In the game, you will meet a lot of exciting possibilities and surprises: collect powerups and help Finc to become a superhero! Chasing cactuses, do not forget that the mysterious desert is fraught with danger.

Droppy: Adventures is our first game project released for iOS in May 2013. It is an active arcade with unordinary gameplay, single- and multiplayer modes, lively graphics and characters.

When released, the game was nominated at KRI Awards in three categories: Best Debut, Best Mobile Game, Best Casual Game.

Train your reaction and focusing by catching rounds before they disappear. Choose one of three modes and start the game: be alert in the Standard mode, outrun the time in the Blitz mode or just enjoy the play in the Zen mode. Use your time at your profit!

Tap Around is: a game with no age restrictions, good for both children and adults good for improving your focusing and training your reaction; simple and friendly controls; modern and colorful graphics.

Earth Apocalypse 2014 is a high-speed iOS/Android game that gives in a player’s control nothing but our entire planet. The brave Commander must save the Earth from dozens of asteroids but will he or she manage to? Bruce Willis was not harmed in the making of this game.

2Doors is a unique iOS/Android "escape-the-room" experience. We've taken the best of the genre... escaping the room! Choose your destiny with every door and remember... Who knows what a door hides from you... A next room?

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